Recent Topics

Recent Topics
  Speech Synthesis
    HMM-based speech synthesis
    Speech synthesis with arbitrary speaker's voice from average voice
    Expressive speech synthesis
  Multimodal Human Interface
    Audio-visual speech synthesis
    Concept to speech and motion synthesis
    Emotion and speaking style recognition of speech
  Human Motion Generation
    Motion synthesis from motion primitives
    Motion generation having various styles
  Speech and Speaker Recognition
    Noise-robust ASR
    Robust against imposture
  Speech Analysis
    Mel-cepstral and generalized cepstral analysis
    Robust F0 estimation based on instantaneous frequency
  Speech and Audio Signal Processing
    Noise reduction based on time-frequency analysis
    Source segmentation of speech and audio signals
  Speech Coding
    Very low bit-rate speech coding
    Wide band speech coding
  Digital Filter Design
    LMA and MLSA filters
    Digital filter design with arbitrary log frequency response

Speech Signal Processing Toolkit (SPTK)

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