Human Walking Motion Synthesis
Having Desired Pace and Stride Length Based on HSMM

Training data

Example of synthetic walking motion

fast pace and short strides
slow pace and long strides
walking speed increases gradually

application example for the character (Natchan) coming into the system in

[Tokunaga, T., Koyama, T., Saito, S.. Meaning of Japanese spatial nouns. Proceedings of the Second ACL-SIGSEM Workshop on The Linguistic Dimensions of Prepositions and their Use in Computational Linguistics Formalisms and Applications. pp.93 -- 100. 2005. Apr]

Naotake Niwase, Junichi Yamagishi, Takao Kobayashi
``Human walking motion synthesis with desired pace and stride length based on HSMM''
IEICE Trans. Information and Systems, E88-D, 11, pp.2492-2499 (2005.11)